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"The children who used to study sitting on stones in the shade without chairs are very happy. This is the fruit of the prayers and dedication of the church members." - Missionary Lee Won-Chul
About Us

IBIG Mission

“IBIG (I Believe in God) Mission is a non-profit Christian organization established in 2021 affiliated with ‘Built Together in Christ Church’ to support missionaries and children’s education in third world countries such as Kenya and Pakistan. Our mission is to support the local community based on the love and teachings of Jesus Christ. We aim to empower the local community through education and spiritual support, and help people start a new life by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our community will continuously work together with the local community, grow together, share the love of Jesus Christ, and strive to change the world.

Our organization is a non-profit organization, and those who serve are volunteers (non-paid positions). Therefore, most of the donation amounts are supplied to sponsored students. We will strive to develop a differentiated vision that can grow with our sponsors for a longer period of time.”


Dibudadacha, Kenya
Missionary Lee Won-Chul

“We are starting a Christian school in a village called ‘Debu Dadacha’ located in an area where Muslims make up over 95% of the population. It will probably take about four years to start from kindergarten to sixth grade of elementary school. When these children come to this school, even Muslim children will learn and study the Word of God.

We see that your prayers are not falling on deaf ears but are bearing beautiful fruit. Please continue to pray until this place is transformed into God’s kingdom!”

Turkana, Kenya
Pastor Gabriel

“The northern part of Turkana is bordered by Ethiopia and South Sudan, and it has been an area of numerous deaths from tribal conflict and ongoing tribal wars. 

In 2019, Pastor Gabriel went to this area and preached the gospel, and established churches in the villages. Since then, the church that started here in 2019 has grown into more than 50 churches after 5 years of revival.”

Khipro, Pakistan
Missionary Baek Woo-Hyun

“Hello, this is Missionary Baek Woo-hyun serving in Khipro, Pakistan.

We are serving in a hostel and a school. The school plays a role in promoting Christian culture, and the hostel aims to establish good soldiers of Christ and true disciples of Jesus.

We hope to continue to connect with each other and build together.”

Prayer & Report

Mission Report & Prayer Letters

케냐 DOLDOL(돌돌) 선교사역

케냐 DOLDOL(돌돌) 지역 소식 (최원호, 이미경 선교사) 좋은 소식을 가져오며 평화를 공포하며 복된 좋은 소식을

투르카나 5월 기도편지

강성영 선교사(케냐 투르카나) 주 예수님의 이름으로 문안드립니다.지난 3월 기도제목에 부탁 드린데로 투르카나 대표 목회자들과 회의를

투르카나 3월 기도편지

투르카나 중보자들에게 기도 부탁드립니다. 1. 나리오꼬또메에 세워질 성경학교를 위해 기도 부탁드립니다. 이 성경학교를 통해 많은